An analysis of antonio s conflicts between the catholic god and the golden carp

In the end, Anaya suggests that a person can draw from several cultural traditions to forge a more complex and adaptable identity.

The priest emphasizes the rite of holy communion with God, but Antonio is unsure. His parents have been spared, but they argue about what water flows in Antonio's How convenient for us readers.

After the old people were turned into carp, new people came to the valley Cico says he goes to church to please his mother. Cico then tells Antonio about the Hidden Lakes and about the mermaid who almost lured him to plunge into the lake.

Cico forces it to leave and harmony with nature is restored, with the boys soaking their feet in the water as the golden carp swims nearby. They pull the body to the surface and get it on shore.

After Antonio yells at God and the Virgin for wanting him to ask for forgiveness for Tenorio, too, God decides to burn the entire village for their sins.

Bless Me, Ultima

Antonio's dreams are increasingly revealing the unconscious associations he makes as he grapples with the conflicts and tensions around him and their influences on his own fears and anxieties. After confirming that Antonio has never fished for a carp, Cico asks Antonio if he believes the golden carp is a god.

This prehistoric past links Antonio to the physical landscape in powerful ways. Themes are the fundamental and often universal ideas explored in a literary work.

Distressed, Antonio vomits bright yellow carrot juice and froth, and the boys are so repulsed that they flee. He thinks then they might tell Jason and others. These doubts begin just as Ultima is called upon to perform a healing.

On the way, they talk of loss; Andrew says that he lost his innocence in the war; it is too late for him to become a priest. Antonio is learning about a different moral order, one that competes with Christianity and sets him on a course toward understanding the relativity of thought. Just as Antonio finds the golden carp and resolves in some sense at least to act as its priest in bringing his friend Florence to it, he finds Florence has died.

Cico also wants Antonio to recognize the golden carp as a god, but Antonio can say only that he wants to do so.

What is the significance of the Golden Carp in

He will leave when Antonio has become a man. What blood runs through him — that of the moon? Or that of the sea? He tells Cico that they must tell Florence about the golden carp.Even as he acknowledges the power of the golden carp, he admits that he is committing a sin in the eyes of God.

He accepts the pagan god, but still also accepts the power of the Catholic God to condemn one as a sinner. It's quite the rock-and-a-hard-place scenario. But. Each parent has deeply rooted cultural convictions. Next is the conflict within his town between its Spanish and indigenous cultures.

Bless Me, Ultima

We see evidence of this conflict in the pronounced tension between Ultima’s mystical folklore and the Catholic church. Another conflict takes place at Antonio’s school between Spanish and English speakers. Analysis. Antonio's unanswered questions draw him toward the golden carp.

He remains convinced that God determines who goes to heaven and hell, but he seems to have given up on any other involvement by Him in life. He learns that Cico believes in many gods and is not surprised.

He is feeling more and more at ease with the relativity of perspectives. Antonio's progress toward moral independence is the main marker of his maturity and development throughout the novel.

Antonio's struggle to reconcile the complexities of his experience with his religion leads him to conclude that he must make his own decisions. Antonio’s mother, a devoutly Catholic woman, is determined to make Antonio into a priest and is set in conflict with Antonio’s father, who worships the earth and the sky as a true vaquero.

The character of Florence is also extremely significant in emphasizing this conflict between religion and paganism. In Bless Me Ultima, the passage after Narciso&#;s death is crucial in understanding that Antonio processes his conflicts in his dreams.

This passage is key for the understanding that Antonio&#;s dreams are his way of processing his conflict between the Catholic God and the Golden Carp.

An analysis of antonio s conflicts between the catholic god and the golden carp
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