An analysis of the crisis by carrie chapman catt

Wherever intelligence, care, and close attention have been needed, women have distinguished themselves. The world and posterity will honor you for it. Are you willing that those who take your places by and by shall blame you for having failed to keep pace with the world and thus having lost for them a party advantage?

But by the same token the grant of more liberty may properly be conferred as a war measure. They say they could find time to vote but not to work for the vote.

The four cornerstones of the foundations were laid long years ago. Suffrage for women now as a war measure means suffrage for the loyal forces, for those who know what it means "to fight to keep the world safe for democracy.

Women by the thousands have knocked at the doors of munition factories and, in the name of patriotism, have begged for the right to serve their country there.

We have not won the reactionaries of any party, church or society, and we never will. They only await the bugle call to learn that the final battle is on.

Conspicuous advertisements invite women to attend agricultural, milking and motor-car schools. New and higher ideals of governments and of the rights of the people under them, have grown enormously during the past two years.

These are the three reasons why we elect the federal method, and the three reasons why we reject the State method.

Carrie Chapman Catt – The Crisis

They are largely unorganized and untrained soldiers with little responsibility toward our movement. They found doors of opportunity open to them on every side. Shall we lament the tragedies which accompanied the laying of the cornerstones? Remember the gentle, sweet-voiced Lucy Stone, egged because she publicly claimed that women had brains capable of education.

Carrie Chapman Catt

Adherence to that theory will keep the United States far behind all other democratic nations in action upon this question. Is it not clear that American history makes woman suffrage inevitable? An official statement recently issued in Great Britain announced thatwomen were engaged in making munitions in that country alone.

Many a drawing-room has been closed and the maid who swept and dusted it is now cleaning streets that the health of the city may be conserved. Aye, and the spiritual effect upon you will come to others.The Crisis- Carrie Chapman Catt.

Analysis of the Document Things to consider The major focus of the speech is to allow women to vote.

Women wanted to take a stand and have their opinions heard. In the speech “The Crisis” by Carrie Chapman, she uses the following element of language. The American Documents for an analysis of the crisis by carrie chapman catt the a literary analysis of the twelfth night by william shakespeare Study of History AMDOCS is maintained by an unfunded an analysis of the crisis by carrie chapman catt group of volunteers a comparison of the nature of good plato versus nietzsche dedicated to.

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An analysis of the crisis by carrie chapman catt

Carrie Chapman Catt: The Crisis The Audience all women Woman's Rights activist those who are bias against Woman's Rights feminists Purpose The purpose of this speech was to reach out to her audience and motivate them to join the "fight" for women's suffrage; to get women and men alike to recognize the issues with society.

Nov 09,  · Watch video · Activist Carrie Chapman Catt () was instrumental to the cause that brought equal voting rights to U.S.

Carrie Chapman Catt

citizens. A teacher and then superintendent of schools in Iowa, Catt became involved. Address to the Congress on Women's Suffrage. delivered NovemberWashington D.C.

An analysis of the crisis by carrie chapman catt
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