An overview of the mai or multinational agreement of investors

With the whole agreement now in the public arena, the next few months are likely to witness a highly contentious debate on the MAI, particularly in North America, where it may be closely associated with debate over the granting of "fast track" negotiating authority on trade agreements to the Administration by Congress.

These efforts failed again, however, as a group of more than twenty poor countries united in demanding a fairer trade deal. Contrary to many critics, he argued that the MAI would help prevent a " race to the bottom " that would undermine high standards of Canadian regulation.

She would launch the campaign under the name of the "Dracula Strategy" implying that simply exposing the MAI project to the light would be sufficient to kill it sourced to an interview with Susan George. After turning "the text into a readable document and adding an analysis and interpretation" [sourced to interview with Tony Clarke, Brussels, April 28], he posted it to an international email distribution list about globalization called le Forum international sur la globalization in February However, incorporation in the MAI would make a difference.

In the words of Friends of the Earth, it " The Agreement will go beyond manufacturing to also cover the services sector. Tony Clarke managed to get a copy of the MAI draft. However, key issues remain to be resolved, particularly with regard to exemptions to be negotiated.

In addition, governments will be allowed to take "prudential measures" to ensure the stability of financial systems, but only in respect to financial services. The origin of organised opposition was traced by Katia Tieleman in her UN case study: MAI opponents made heavy use of electronic mail and the World Wide Web in raising the alert, sharing information and coordinating actions.

Although the agreement was to be negotiated between the member states, the intention was to have an open agreement to which non-OECD members could accede on a negotiated basis. The "Western Governors' Association" in the U.

Multilateral Agreement on Investment

Minimise the diverse state regulations in governing the conditions under which investments by foreign corporations could take place.

NGOs showed that they were well interconnected. Four mutually supportive elements were proposed for treating labour issues: The first BIT, between West Germany and Pakistanwas signed in [4] and their numbers have grown steadily since then, although research suggests that BITs do little to increase foreign investment.

Background[ edit ] International direct investment has been taking place in various forms and to different degrees for over a century. Against a background of globalisation the potential importance of the Guidelines is greater now even than it was at the time of their adoption twenty years ago.

These mobilizations on an international scale actually led to the shelving of the agreement. Building on the credibility of her status as a lawyer, she transformed the legal OECD documents into accessible wording, often "ready for use" in the subsequent NGO campaigns.

In Montreal, on May 25,the Montreal Conference on Globalized Economies was nonviolently blockaded for five hours by hundreds of activists in what was called Operation SalAMI, [28] based on the French acronym of the proposed agreement, AMI, referring not only the sausage, but also to a "dirty friend".

The internet was central both in gathering information and in promulgating critical materials among members of a vast worldwide network. A particular concern was that the MAI would result in a "race to the bottom" among countries willing to lower their labor and environmental standards to attract foreign investment.

The MAI would restrict governments' ability to limit the participation of foreign multinationals in industries. Again this is positive, as more informed public debate on issues surrounding the MAI can reduce the impression of secrecy which has surrounded the MAI Negotiating Group work up to now.

If a foreign investor thinks a country where it has invested is violating the MAI, the investor has a choice: A central issue of debate is the extent and scope of general and national exemptions to the Agreement.

MAI opponents saw the agreement as a threat to nationalsovereignty and democracy and argued that it would lead to a "race to the bottom" in environmental and labor standards.

The evolution in government attitudes to the MAI and labour issues is significant. As a result, the negotiations failed in when first France and then other countries successively withdrew after pressure from a global movement of NGOs, citizens' groups and a number of governments of developing countries.

Multilateral Agreement on Investment

In this connection, the agreement embodied acceptance of a compliance regime under which liberalization must proceed forward with no ability to be wound back — the so-called ratchet effect.

The award-winning documentary Pressure Point: This would be enforced by so-called rollback and standstill provisions, to ensure that investors would have access to markets. There is wider concern at the restrictions that the MAI will put on the ability of State and Provincial governments in particular to regulate multinationals in areas such as environmental protection, human rights abuses in Third countries and local employment creation.

Tony Clarke managed to get a copy of the MAI draft. These restrictions would not be acceptable within the MAI. Her role as provider of information combined with her role as provider of explanation gave her a power-position in the campaign.OF THE MULTILATERAL AGREEMENT ON INVESTMENT Executive Summary 1.

Introduction 2.

International investment agreements

The Issues: Poor Countries and International Investment 3. An Analysis of the proposed Multilateral Agreement on Investment 4. A Comparison of the MAI with Related Agreements international investment agreements.

A similar approach that failed to gain agreement was a comprehensive agreement on foreign investment, known as the Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI).

The MAI was expected to be a broad, legally binding, multi-faceted agreement that would have established an international set of rules on a wide range of foreign investment issues.

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Not sure what I'd do without @Kibin - Alfredo Alvarez, student @ Miami University. Mia - Multinational Agreement Of Investors In the high tech age of today, business are looking for new ways to expand and get their products out to the market.

We already have many laws and organizations that encourage this and try to help out the corporations. Negotiations on a proposed multilateral agreement on investment (MAI) were launched by governments at the Annual Meeting of the OECD Council at Ministerial level in May Trends in International Investment Agreements: An Overview Trends in International Investment Agreements: An Overview 18 Figure 1.

Trends in International Investment Agreements: An Overview 22 Figure 2. Bilateral investment treaties, (cumulative number).

An overview of the mai or multinational agreement of investors
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