Causes of moral decadence

Do we begin from drug abuse, drug trafficking, robbery, social crimes, sexual permissiveness of child trafficking?

Moral Decadence Among Youth :causes and Solutions.

The best way to tell is to look around your world to see what is still functioning well; things like buildings and roads in good condition and functioning, schools, public water and sewer systems, emergency services, farm products and their distribution, and many, many other things.

The mass involvement of the youth in vices is as a result of the societal projection of negativity at the expense of positive thinking or approach to things. They have come out from their closets with a raucous and unashamed insistence that decent, moral people accept them as being normal.

The amount of information they take in is astonishing. Can we go back to the roots, the godly roots and values of being family and doing all we should do? And in order to gain relevance, he went to another community, bought his way through, and was given a chieftaincy title.

Fashola who is a member of his church. Some of them triumphantly adopted the name, referring to themselves as Decadents. Our generation has to dis-enthrall itself from the endemic of corruption and social crimes, so in this our time we must move from the usual repetition of stale approaches to true difficult, but essential confrontation with realities of life.

Each family must be concerned about the way of life of every member of family. These are great days: To try and eliminate your selfish motivations.

The matured 'toddler' buys expensive cars and live like a don! The Church should seek new ways to educate the people by her teaching and forms them by her discipline. Pangs of vision less leadership: They also organize seminars, lectures, conferences and talks. It leads to moral anarchy, moral vacuity and moral decadence.

There is too much unprocessed information in the hands of children. Practical observations by the researchers indicate that some female church members purposeful flirt with their pastors or reverends as the case may be.

In economic activities, the same corrupt decimal applies. Each family must be concerned about the way of life of every member of family. Hence, moral decadence is a situation whereby someone passes from a state of goodness to a lower state by losing qualities, which are considered normal, ethical and desirable.

This starts with you and me in our families. The times changed from a quiet hour around the family piano, lute, flute or drum to a world of 90 years ago.

Opinion:What causes moral decadence in our communities?

Pangs of vision less leadership: Where were we while all this was happening? Simply speaking, secular humanism is a worldview. China has a great influence over the whole world. First of all you need to be moral to get to heaven.

The ever-increasing wave of mushroom churches does not help either since the new churches are business oriented. There is something seriously wrong and parents should take the blame for these shameful and troubling failures. Ariwolo holds westernization responsible for high sexual immorality among youths in Nigeria.

The onus now lies on the parents.


This may be why a lot of Christians throw Christian morality to the wind in bid to break the yoke of poverty. Nothing could be far from the great truth according to that distinguished British statesman, Sir Fred Catterwood, who once remarked that: Here, Euthyphro seeks to define goodness in terms of what the gods would want.

Moral Decadence Among Youth :causes and Solutions.

To others, it may be connected with the proliferation of Churches. What is good fulfills human instinctual obligation on a base level of the individual, in the narrowest scope of the here and now.Moral decadence is the corruption of moral consciousness.

Moral decadence is a flight from fides et ratio (faith and reason).

What Are the Causes of Moral Decadence?

It is attitudes that disregard the Christian theological and moral virtues and in many dimensions debase mankind. Moral decadence is the decay in education Causes of Moral decadence 1 Absenteeism 2 Lack of reading culture 3 Lack of parental care 4 Immorality 5 Poverty Solu tion 1 Parent should ensure that.

The way children are reared, because the first years of infancy dictate the morality of the adult. Morality is never a choice, because moral values dictate meaning hence purpose, so must be preset by the creation of an understanding. In people it. Causes of moral decadence among the youth can be categorized into social, economic, cognitive and technological factors.

Social causes include peer influence and unstable home environments, while economic factors include poverty.

Technological innovations, such as media and the Internet, expose. causes and effects of moral decadence in igboland: socio- political, economic and religious perspectives.

How have amplifiers changed the society over the past decades?

by iherue, sunday onyema reg. no: pg/ph. d/05/ july, 2 ii requirement page causes and effects of moral decadence in igboland: socio-political, economic and. There are so many causes of moral decadence in societies today and these are; Due to unemployment of the youth in societies today, there has been too much theft which has led to moral calgaryrefugeehealth.comy in a society has also led to Moral decadency whereby only those that have money to bribe are the only people that access better jobs and offices.

Causes of moral decadence
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