D2 explain justify improvements that could be made to a computer system

Secure the board with screws and replace any cables and expansion cards. First of all, click the Start button and then choose the Control Panel option.

L3 BTEC IT Unit 6 - Software Design and Development

The scope defines the purpose of the system, this allows the designers to identify the key objectives of the system and work out what facilities are required for the system. If you do not have any protection at all then it's much more likely that someone will 'hack' I use this word very loosely your computer and compromise or steal your files while an anti-virus software would more than likely let you know that something is wrong.

But how can we find the answers to these questions?

Operating Systems Sample Exam Answers

Functions Functions are modules of code that carry out a predefined task. And furthermore you do not have to change something globally in your machine to make some improvements; it is very easy process which does not take much time and money.

On old or big drives this may take quite a while. Maintaining the system is vital if the system is to be used for a long time as any problems will need to be eradicated — this involve having programmers make adjustments to the code.

Next, push the metal lever down which will secure the CPU. You should do this because even if you do maintain it well, it's possible that you could've accidentally missed something and over time these things cluster up and start affecting the performance.

When drive formatting, it is important to ensure that all important data is backed up on some type of external hard drive as there I a good chance of it getting lost if the data somehow gets removed from the drive with no kind of backup.

First of all, you need to click on Start menu button, and then you need to choose the Control Panel option. Software Improvements Like hardware, software can be replaced with newer versions or deleted if it is not needed.

And after that all you can choose your font size. The diagram depicts a method for a guess-the-number-game where the user has to guess a random number generated by the computer.

Unit 2 Computer Systems (All In One)

After that you should click on the Appearance and Personalization and select Folder Options. And here you can configure the various options of mouse to make the mouse respond as you would like. A message should appear describing the belongings of the change.

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If an issue occurs with high quality code, it tends to be easily fixed and in a short amount of time as there will be certain features that quality code has which will make it easier to locate and fix problems.

A Dirty Keyboard A Dusty PC Now we will de-dust and clean the keyboard to do this I will use the attachment that I got with the can of air that will allow me to clean the keyboard out to give it a long and clean lifespan.


Does it operate quickly, smoothly and with minimal waste?D2 explain and justify improvements that could be made to a computer system. Introduction The purpose of this report is to highlight, explain, and justify possible improvements that could be Mr Ali’s computer system to both aid him with his use of the computer system to combat his disabilities as well as generally speed up his system to.

My ICT courses Monday, 22 October I have completed P5 for Assignment 2 Task 2 were I had to get feedback from a classmate of my images and then I made the relevant improvements. I showed all of this in a table and wrote how I done all of this.

Unit 2 Computer Systems

For D2 I then justified any improvements which I could make to the computer system. You will also need to assess the effectiveness of the management of physical resources in the organisation and recommend, and justify, any improvements that could be made.

Explain and justify improvements that could be made to a computer system (D2) To improve the performance of the computer system, I could adjust what applications can run at start-up. If I only enable the necessary applications and disable then the computer will have a decreased boot time when loading the computer.

Explore the different types of routine maintenance which exist and explain and justify in a letter to Cliff and James the improvements that could be made to the computer system considering the costs involved and potential benefits gained for both now and in the future for Cliff and James.

Unit 2 IT Diploma Level 3 D2 - Explain and justify improvements D2 Essay of 3 pages for the course Unit 2 IT - Explain and justify improvements that could be made to .

D2 explain justify improvements that could be made to a computer system
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