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Is tyranny as just as democracy? Adeimantus speaks of a society that needs no guardianship. Has history not proved that tyrannies may change into democracies? Socrates spends a lot of time discovering things that are good or serve the good, yet has so far not addressed the good itself.

He thought that if he learned why each individual fell into a particular category of souls that it would be easier to govern them. Continuum Internation Publishing Group, Is democracy the ultimate relativist government? Do you think Socrates is right that in a democracy, the teachers fawn on their students and the elderly come down to the level of the young?

Democracy panders to low desires. Moreover, if a person is virtuous they can still perform an action to the best of their ability despite the extenuating circumstances.

True justice would arise as a whole once these three souls meshed and willingly performed their function as they were supposed to with one another. Another thing that we have learned is that a moral action is determined by how pleasing the response is.

This involved the rulers coming up with proper governance and policies, the warriors rightly executing the policies and the producers producing the sustenance of the society.

Is this a right way to measure use Is justice ever profitable and should justice be decided in terms of profitability? Are people born with the ability or inclination to do ill?

How will justice prevail in an institution that theoretically has no injustice? Does the wisdom of the guardians give them this right? Thrasymachus interjected by saying that Socrates is taking the easy way out.

The traits of the wise and strong were those that were desirable.

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Society corrupts the young philosopher. Following the end of the Peloponnesian War, Athens became a democracy of sorts, led mostly by laymen, who, in Plato's view, tended to implement policies based more on popular demand rather than necessity or principle.

This ideology excluded women leaders such as queens from the ruling. Plato seeks to encourage people to act morally by teaching them moral behaviors in order to build a utopian and perfect justice system. Does such as system make politicians more responsible to the people?

Plato was descended from a distinguished family of statesmen; his mother's cousin Critias and his maternal uncle Charmides, both portrayed in eponymous dialogues, belonged to the Thirty Tyrants, the oligarchs who ruled Athens in cooperation with Sparta after the Peloponnesian War.

Are his arguments a precursor to modern totalitarianism?

Plato's Republic Republic [Politeia], Plato - Essay

Likewise, in music mode that sounds mournful, soft, or womanly, is eliminated from the education of the guardians. Socrates argues the response of Cephalus, Polemarchus and Thrasymachus on what morality is. Is it still courageous to fight for the good if you are not choosing to do so, but merely following orders?

Description of Athenian Democracy A. Would individuals still be inclined to care for some people more than others in an absence of an awareness of family? Plot and Major Characters Composed as a dramatic dialogue among various characters, the principal among them Socrates, the Republic is divided into ten main books.

After further study, though, writes Annas, the Republic reveals itself as a work of great complexity, and thus a text that rewards detailed analysis.

Can the masses ever appreciate beauty and wisdom? Can a state as Socrates describes, with each individual allowed only one purpose and occupation, truly meet the personal needs of its citizens?

Only poetry that nurtures the growing qualities of the student can be part of the syllabus.Sample Essay: Plato's Republic – The Soul reinstates the question that Socrates tried to put forth by asking what justice really is. People who were not raised in intellectual situations were prone to be blacksmiths or farmers, the peasants.

In The Republic Plato uses his characters Glaucon and Adeimantus to show readers the voice of. - Plato's The Republic and Aristophanes The Birds It is evident, by Plato's The Republic and Aristophanes The Bird's, that one's vision of an ideal state is not the same.

Crito and The Republic: Justice according to Plato. It is hard to imagine the Western world without the influence of the Greeks. It is fair to say that if not without Greek culture and the contributions of Greek philosophers like Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, the Western hemisphere would still be ruled by barbarians.

[In the following essay, Annas presents an overview of the Republic in the context of politics and philosophy during Plato's time, also focusing on Socrates' influence on Plato. How does the Republic criticize Athenian democracy? Is Plato’s critique valid?

Outline I. Thesis Statement: Despite the modern praise of Athens for being a more democratic society than any today, Plato is highly critical of his government. Plato is right / wrong to criticize the democratic practice of ancient Athens.

II. Is the end of Republic satisfying? Is the reader left content? (Tammuz Huberman) 8. The Republic ends by talking about an immortal soul and the afterlife as a final justification for living a just life. If you don’t believe in an afterlife of any kind, do Socrates’s arguments still hold power?


Essay plato question republic
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