Questionnaire about labour welfare

Involuntary Termination Dismissal, Discharge, Forced resignation, Retrenchment all fall under this category.

The close-ended question is of two types they are as follows: Suspension shall not be taken as a punishment but the employee found guilty of any misconduct is debarred from attending the office for the time being.

Various assistant programs are arranged like external counseling service so that employees or members of their immediate family can get counseling on various matters.

Labor welfare includes various facilities, services and amenities provided to workers for improving their health, efficiency, economic betterment and social status. Consequently, in this particular factory, there came to exist an excellent creche and a well-organised dispensary.

It may also include mass retrenchment whereby the entire or majority employees are terminated. Later, his own health suffered. The study examines whether staff development policies exist in three special libraries in Ghana, and whether training programmes are being offered to increase staff competence, efficiencies and performance.

From the above table it is inferred that for Labor welfare entails all those activities of employer, which are directed towards providing the employees with certain facilities and services in addition to wages or salaries.

As it was felt the coaches turned out of ICF could be furnished most economically instead being sent to various railways to be furnished in their workshop. The degree of success that individual employees have in reaching their individuals goals is important in determining organizational effectiveness.

When a complete list of the population is available, this method is used. Indian Railways are the larger Questionnaire about labour welfare under taking of Government of India Transportation of men and material on an extensive scale is their business.

Result in the pollution of the general environment What is Human Resource Management? Suspension is temporary cessation of employment as part of disciplinary action being taken against an employee.

What r the statutory welfare measures in labour welfare? Once the enquiry is completed he may be either reinstated after withdrawing the suspension or discharged or dismissed following the findings of the enquiry officer.

The important benefits of welfare measures can be summarized as follows: Cafeteria or canteens are to be provided by the employer so as to provide hygienic and nutritious food to the employees. Chief Labour Commissioner Central 3. Workers take active interest in their jobs and work with a feeling of involvement and participation.

First aid appliances are to be provided and should be readily assessable so that in case of any minor accident initial medication can be provided to the needed employee. I express my deepest gratitude to Our Principal Dr. With the increasing tempo of activities under the second five year plan and consequent increase in work load in the railway workshops, Railway Board decided in to setup a furnishing annexed to ICF so that the factory could deliver complete coaches ready for service instead of steels shells only.

A research design is the arrangement of conditions for collection and analysis of data in a manner that aims to combine relevance to the research purpose with economy in procedure. Japanese Oct 19 The first headquarter meeting for social security and work style reforms for the year Employee Welfare Questionnaire  Dear Recruiter, Request you to please fill in the questionnaire and help me understand the labour laws compiled in your organisation that will help me to produce factual data to my project Project Topic: Employee welfare measures followed in small textile units in Bhiwandi city Please be rest assured about.

welfare is to promote economic production and productivity and through development by increasing equitable distribution. Labour welfare is an area of social welfare conceptually and operationally. It covers a broad field and connotes a state of well being, happiness, satisfaction, conservation and development of human resources 1.

questionnaire on employee welfare measures Therefore, labour welfare activities act as motivatorsAnd the rest in the. Of questionnaires and interview method and also tothe employee achieve this defined objective structured questionnaire was designed based on the.

A Study of awareness of Labour welfare measures in AGIO. Oct 19,  · Labour welfare fund is a statutory contribution managed by individual state authorities.

The state labour welfare board determine the rate of the contribution and frequency of the contribution.

Human Resource And Industrial Relations Interview Questions

Duties of Labour Welfare Officer Section 49 of the factories Act provides that in every factory wherein or more workers are ordinarily employed, the employer shall appoint at least one welfare. Labour Welfare Welfare includes anything that is done for the comfort and improvement of employees and is provided over and above the wages.

Welfare helps in keeping the mo rale and motivation.

Questionnaire about labour welfare
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