The environmental issue of the presence of arsenic in the drinking water of bangladesh

This may be one of the mechanisms that enable arsenic to contribute to cardiovascular disease and other blood vessel diseases.

Bangladesh: 20 Million Drink Arsenic-Laced Water

In humans, if a large amount of the more toxic inorganic arsenic is swallowed in a form that is readily absorbedit can affect the gut, the heart and the nervous system, causing rapid poisoning and death.

Arsenic dissolved in drinking water cannot be detected by sight, smell or taste, so the only way to tell if arsenic is present is to have the water tested by a laboratory. Groundwater arsenic contamination in Bangladesh and West Bengal, India.

Arsenic in drinking water is of far greater concern.

Environmental issues in Bangladesh

But since the body metabolizes and eliminates arsenic quickly, a urine test is not useful in telling if someone has taken in arsenic in the past. A third solution is to connect to a public water supply, or to construct a new well, though the possibility of tapping another arsenic-rich source should be evaluated.

At least 10 nuclear isomers have been described, ranging in atomic mass from 66 to Contaminated drinking-water is a major health hazard in developing countries where infectious diseases caused by pathogens and parasites make up the most common and widespread health risk.

Arsenic compounds are also employed in the microelectronics and optical industries [ 32 ]. The national ambient air quality standards of Bangladesh and amount of pollutants in the air of Dhaka city is shown below: A poisonous amount for human beings is anything greater than 65 mg, whether taken in a single dose or built up from multiple amounts.

Knowledge of Arsenic in Drinking-water: Risks and Avoidance in Matlab, Bangladesh

Links Arsenic in Drinking Water Arsenic is a semi-metallic element occurring naturally and abundantly throughout the earth. Expand Wells installed by Bangladesh's government between Human Rights Watch also found a serious lack of monitoring and quality control in arsenic mitigation projects.

Shot towers have become historic sites in many cities, including Baltimore, Philadelphia and San Francisco.

If the sea levels rise as predicted in a "moderate" climate scenario, Bangladesh is predicted to produce 0. To assess people's awareness of arsenic-related health risks, Ahmad et al.

Millions of people in Bangladesh still drinking arsenic-laced water

The dumping of municipal wastes, hospital wastes and toxic environmental discharges from mostly industries pollute both surface and ground water sources. It is readily excreted by animals. There is also a possibility that fish will move further away from these areas, to avoid the toxic areas, which would also affect the livelihood of the fishermen in the area.

Environmental Protection Agency Inorganic arsenic:The world’s worst environmental health hazard: arsenic in Bangladesh. The scale of the problem In the last ten years arsenic has been identified in the drinking water of more than 30 million people in Bangladesh, making it presently the world’s largest environmental hazard.

The World Bank has recently invested large sums of money.

Arsenic in Bangladesh

Bangladesh isn’t taking basic, obvious steps to get arsenic out of the drinking water of millions of its rural poor. An estimated 43, people die each year from arsenic-related illness. In January after ten years of research the Environmental Protection Agency concluded a new safety standard for arsenic in drinking water of 10 parts per billion.

The old precedent from was 50 parts per billion, the standard that would be reverted to. drinking contaminated water (1, 2).


The scale of this environmental disaster is greater than any seen before; it is beyond the accidents at Bhopal, India, a more important issue than the number of patients Contamination of drinking-water by arsenic in Bangladesh. Cancer Skin cancer. Small numbers of cases of skin cancer.

Abstract: Arsenic is a major environmental pollutant and exposure occurs through environmental, occupational and medicinal sources.

The contaminated drinking water is the main source of exposure and affected countries are India (West Bengal), Bangladesh, China, Taiwan, Thailand. Knowledge of Arsenic in Drinking-water: Risks and Avoidance in Matlab, Bangladesh (Block A) in Matlab, Bangladesh ous arsenic-related issues.

Section three was designed to reveal household sources of drinking- and cooking-water, including questions on avoidance of exposure presence of elderly, education, arsenic-information sources.

The environmental issue of the presence of arsenic in the drinking water of bangladesh
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